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Best ways to keep your CGPA High

Keep your CGPA High

Keep your CGPA High

Education is a thing that effects our future life. In student life, it’s really important to keep your CGPA high. In university life, we have seen so many people who have a sharp brain but didn’t have high CGPA.

Now the question arrives, why are they poor in CGPA? Why they don’t get high marks in examination? How can we get high marks in the examination? How can we maintain the CGPA in a standard way?

I know, these questions we all are having in our mind. So, I am here going to answer all these questions.

1st I’m going to write about our faults to decrease the CGPA.

Keep your CGPA High

Cause 1: Lack of practice

Lack of practice always drives our brain in a lazy mood. And also when we have low practice about things then things going to blur in our brain. Day by day this blurriness make the thing erase from our mind.

Cause 2: less attendance & attentiveness

To keep your CGPA high you must need to attend all lecture attentively. When we have low attendance it makes a bad impression on the lecturer. Also, we don’t have enough knowledge about the syllabus.

Cause 3: Only read before the exam

We all love to get prepared for the examination at the last minute. You guys must know what I mean, yes I meant the last night preparation before the examination day. Its sometimes help us to pass the examination not to get high CGPA. Some may disagree with me. But I really want to tell you them only can have good marks by doing these things not the best one.

I write the top 3 things that I feel the cause of bad result but now I’m going to write about the ways to keep your CGPA high.

Keep your CGPA High

Tips 1: Give some times to your book

Yes, you guys read the right, give some times to your book means you need to seat for study every day. Not to memorize things, also not to practice. Just read a topic from your syllabus or lecture. This reading helps you to get interested to practice things and when you keep doing practice then you must see the result in the examination hall.

Tips2: Try to understand things

Don’t try to memorize things, try to understand the algorithm or theory or logic. When you understand the algorithm it is easier to apply in the real field or in examination hall. Only understanding can help us to enrich our knowledge. When we have great knowledge about things than it helps us to make a great output in the exam paper.

Tips 3: Take 100% preparation for test

After reading these tips, some of you must laugh I granted. Because you all guys think all people have 100% preparation but NO I am not telling about that kind of preparation. 100% preparation means whatever I prepared for the exam, I can get 100% marks on that topic. Not only completing syllabus means that we have 100% preparation. When we have that confidence to get 100 % marks, it is called 100% preparation.

Tips 4: Take all examination seriously

Every examination is as important a final examination. Some of us may be not serious about class test, mock test, and oral test etc. But, please don’t live with this think. Because, when you can get 100% prepared for a small test then this 100% effort help you in a big examination.

Tips 5: Not to panic

It is an important thing that doesn’t get panic in examination hall. We have so many people around us who panic too much. Panicking make our brain stuck or hang and it really has an impact on people’s examination. So don’t get panic just take a deep breath in & out.

I think to keep high CGPA if you guys follow all those tips I given that must help you all.

Success has no shortcut. So try to achieve your success. Make a goal, focus on that. Success definitely comes to you whatever it is a good result or anything.

Student life is a glorious time of life. Make it worthy by keeping high CGPA. That, not only glow your student life but also it makes your future glorious.

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