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Tik Tok celebrity in Bangladesh

Tik Tok celebrity in Bangladesh

Tik Tok celebrity is now a common word for people in Bangladesh. It is a mobile app that achieved too much popularity in short time. We all dream of star life. Tik Tok gives us that kind of feel.

Tik Tok gives a platform where we can act on our favorite’s celebrity’s songs or dialogues. Also, you can upload any video with so many dynamic effects and sticker etc.

As I am here with the title tag Tik Tok celebrity in Bangladesh, so I’m going introduce some tik tok celebrities in Bangladesh.

Crown holder user in Tik Tok(Bangladesh):

  1. RA FI → tik tok user id @rafi_bhaiyu with 203.6k followers

This tik tok celebrity gets crown as a creative video creator. Also I must add that he just a common people who become a celebrity.

  1. Shahedin Akther → tik tok user id @shahedinakthar with 154k followers

This female tik tok celebrity gets crown base on social virility. She is just not a female tik tok celebrity. Her specialty is she done her all videos wearing Hizab & her pretty face attract people as well.

Now some other tik tok celebrity list I want to share with you all:

Most followed user in Tik Tok (Bangladesh):

  1. Rangan Riddo → tik tok user id @rangan21 with 765.5k followers
  2. Prottoy Heron → tik tok user id @prottoyheron with 338.7k followersTik Tok celebrity
  3. Tawhid Afridi → tik tok user id @tawhidafridi21 with 203.6k followersTik Tok celebrity
  4. Maruf Ahmed Khan →tiktok user id @marufahmedkhan96 with 267k followers
  5. Joy Sarker Bappy →tiktok user id @the_bdmuser_king with 174.6k followersTik Tok celebrity

All these people just win people heart with their talented acting skill. They may not get crown yet by the tik tok authority but they grab people attention to them very quickly.

Crown winning is not depended on the number of followers it depends on uniqueness.

To enjoy tik tok videos you can install the Tik Tok App in your handset.

This Tik Tok app not only gets famousness only for them but also it makes a platform to drive ones to be famous by their creativity and hard work.

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