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Concentrates smoking tips

Concentrates smoking tips

You are all set to dab for the first time, along with your friends. You have done a lot of hard work in identifying the best concentrates and the best delivery company. Without a doubt, you will love to cherish the introductory dabbing experience for a long time. So, take a few minutes and go through the tips mentioned here on how to smoke concentrates. We ensure you will relish every bit of it. For the uninitiated, same day weed delivery in Milton and mississauga open now. So, if you are a resident of the above locations, do check it out for the best quality products.

The pre-requisites

As a first-timer, you may feel overwhelmed looking at the wide array of items necessary for dabbing. Understandably, you can feel a bit of nerve, to commence the procedure, but can’t wait to experience dabbing as well. We recommend requesting someone who has previous experience with smoking concentrates to accompany you. When you follow the person’s technique, it will boost your confidence. If you do not know anyone or seek privacy, you will find numerous videos online, and they can also be of considerable help.

Start on a low-scale

After observing the actions of the experienced person, you should now become more confident. However, do not overdo it out of excitement. Precisely, start with small dabs. Probably, you are aware; weed concentrates have high levels of THC, so even a small amount will help you to get high. 

After smoking, if you feel you are up for it, then increase the dab. Moreover, taking large dabs will make you uncomfortable as it can have a severe effect on your throat and lungs. Another advantage of taking smaller dabs, you are less likely to spill them when applying them over the dab tools. Well, as a novice, you are most likely to spill; smaller dabs will ensure lesser wastage. 

Watch the heat

Another reason that makes it imperative to watch an expert dabbing, is the problem of overheating. Chances are, with limited or no prior experience, you can overheat the dab. Ultimately, it will dampen the dabbing experience. A good tip is to heat the bottom side of the nail till its surface becomes visibly red-hot.  Then let the redness disappear which takes a few seconds, and then continue with the dab.

Smoking methods

  • Honey Straw: Most dabbers prefer the honey straw, as it is convenient and a budget-friendly option. You need to heat the smaller section of the straw with the aid of a small torch lighter for not more than fifteen seconds. As the tip becomes red hot, you can now place the hot section inside the concentrate-filled glass container.  Now, you are all set to inhale the smoke via the larger end.
  • Dab Rigs: The aforementioned device is designated for concentrates and is a form of water pipe. The essential components of the device include a dome, nail, and holder. Fill the chamber of the dab rig and place the concentrate in the holder. Use a torch lighter for heating the nail until it gets hot. Wait for a while and place the nail into the concentrate. You can now smoke via the mouthpiece present on the dab rig.
  • Dabber: Also referred to as a dabbing tool, its primary function is to shift the concentrate into the nail. Dabbers help minimize wastage as concentrates aren’t easy to handle owing to their sticky nature. You can choose dabbers in a wide array of shapes, choose one that seems suitable to you. 
  • Dab Pad: These pads, like the dabbing tool, also help you in minimizing wastage. Place the pad underneath the dab rig or the container having the concentrates. The spilt concentrates will fall on the pad which you can utilize later.
  • Vaping Concentrates: Presently, many people prefer vaping instead of dabbing. For the convenience of such individuals, you can choose between desktop and portable vapes. Experienced smokers advise going with the portable version as many varieties of concentrates seldom work efficiently with the desktop version. 
  • T-Waxing: If you use T-waxing, it will make the concentrate smoking experience very convenient for you. You simply require adding the concentrate on the top of the joint. Next, place the dabbing tool in the middle of the joint and then roll it. T-waxing is perhaps the best way of smoking concentrates as it hardly spills the concentrates.

Remember staying hydrated

Do not overlook the importance of staying hydrated when you are commencing dabbing. It will keep your throat cool, and you can enjoy the smoke without causing much irritation. Another advantage of staying hydrated is, it will keep your senses alert which in turn will lead to a fantastic dabbing experience. 

Final Words

By following the above tips, you can start taking dabs and get the best experience out of smoking concentrates. Remember, everyone starts from scratch, let these tips help you become a “pro” in a short period.