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Why Is Chat API One of the Most Popular Chat Application

Why Is Chat API One of the Most Popular Chat Application

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Connecting with customers is a big deal these days. Whether through social media or via a website,
you need to ensure that you answer your customer’s queries almost instantly. Emailing is an option,
but it isn’t the most convenient for everyone. Most customers these days want to chat online so that
they can get a quick response. It allows them to get an idea of what they can expect.

Developing a chat option on your website requires two things: skill and an application program that
allows people to send instant messages. In simple words, it opens up new channels of
communication between the following:
• Two users
• The marketplace, buyer, and seller
• Service provider and users
• Broadcaster and audience

The most familiar territory of a chat API among these options are two users and marketplace, buyer
and seller. You may have come across games where you can chat online with your fellow players.
They tell you how to attack or defend or compliment you if you make a correct move. A chat API is
the backbone of that online conversation. It allows multiple users to communicate via messenger
apps, dating apps, or while playing an online game.

In the marketplace-seller-buyer scenario, a chat API allows three-way communication. For example,
if you purchase something from an e-commerce store but don’t get delivery within the said period,
you can talk to the customer care executive. He will contact the respective seller and provide the
latest update. Sometimes, the e-commerce store also allows customers to contact the seller directly.
You can message the seller online and get an update about the shipment of your delivery.
Chat API advanced features

Here are some of the features that chat API offers:
• Availability of chat history.
• User blocking and profanity filters.
• Multiple platform support, such as .Net, JavaScript, Android, and iOS.
• Open channel chat, group messaging, and one-on-one chat.
• Push notifications.
• File and custom data transfer.
• Track real-time events using webhooks.
• Offline and online status indicators.

Apart from these features and benefits of using a chat API, it also comes with some advanced
features that set it apart from other chat application programs.
Moderation tools.

  •  Ability to export messages and data.
  • Spam flood protection.
  • A user-friendly interface that plugs chatbots into a chat stream.
  • Generate auto thumbnail for rich media.
  • Auto translation.
  •  Smart throttling of messages and channel auto-partitioning.
  •  Create general admin announcements.
  • File encryption.

A chat API is now essential in almost every industry you can think of. For example, food delivery
services also require online chat facilities. Even hospitals and nursing homes are now focusing on
online chats to distribute the pressure of customer care executives who attend hundreds of calls
every day. It allows them to escalate concerns to the appropriate department and deal with
customer grievances in an instant.

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Why is Chat API popular?

Hundreds of developers consider Chat API as the go-to program for developing an online chat option
on a website. But why is this program so popular? Are there better competitors? Here’s what
experts have to say about the popularity of a Chat API:
• First of all, a Chat API allows you to connect both work and personal numbers. Many other
programs have separate interfaces for two.
• Any user can connect their phone number using a Chat API immediately after registration.
The only thing about this feature is you need to follow the instructions recommended in the Chat
API platform. It is wise not to make any unnecessary changes that you don’t see in the
recommendation list. Stick to the rules to enjoy the platform more, customer refers to users.
• The most significant benefit of using a Chat API is any category of customers can use it. That
means your employees and customers can use the chat option to connect online and discuss any
important matter.
• With a minimal cost of just $15 per month, you can enjoy unlimited messaging benefits with
a Chat API. Its competitors usually have a higher price.
• You don’t need to provide any sensitive information during the registration process. Just a
few simple details are enough to get the ball rolling.
• It allows you to start using the platform right after making the payment and completing the
registration process. You don’t need to wait for a day or two for the platform to approve your
• You can connect as many phone numbers as you want. There’s no capping on phone
• It comes with 24 x 7 email support and chats support.
• You can make changes according to the features you need the most.
• A Chat API works worldwide.

With so many features, it’s not hard to understand why a Chat API is so popular among developers.
Give it a try to see how it works and how you can integrate it into your website to make online
communication between employees and customers better.