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Emergency Barisal Hospital numbers

An ordinary person should know something very important contract numbers. Emergency Barisal Hospital numbers are among them. Emergency Barisal Hospital numbers helps people in danger. That’s why we provided the Hospital numbers to peoples emergency needs. Anyone from our list can find the most important Emergency Hospital numbers. Which will meet the need for Hospitals at its urgent moment.

Emergency Barisal Hospital numbers Are Given Below:-

• Marie Stopes Clinic
Club Road, Barisal
0431-2173228, 01712-626948
• Paribarik Shastho Clinic
Nabogram Road, Bottola, Barisal
• Moklesur Rahman (pvt.) Hospital & Clinic
Sader Road, Barisal
0431-63784, 01712-794900
• Fair Health Clinic
Kalibari Road, Barisal
• Islami Bank Hospital
Chandmari, Barisal
0431-71036, 71810, 01718-237662
• South Bangla Nursing Home
Bangla Bazar, South Alekanda, Barisal
• Dr. Captain Najib Uddin Clinic
45, Sader Road, Barisal
Health Care Clinic
• Parara Road, Barisal
Momota Clinic
• Kalibari Road, Barisal
0431-2174078, 01725-400252
• Khadem Hossain Clinic
Bangla Bazar, Barisal
• Sheba Clinic
Band Road, Barisal
• Eden Nursing Home
Bogra Road, Barisal
0431-64879, 01711-585760
• Save Health Hospital & Clinic
134, Sader Road, Barisal
0431-2174854, 01711-272602
• Razzak Memorial Clinic
Amtola, Bangla Bazar, Barisal
• Islam Poly Clinic
Bangla Bazar, South Alekanda, Barisal
0431-62099, 01716-043151
• Barisal Poly Clinic
Bangla Bazar, South Alekanda, Barisal
• Payra Nursing Home
Sagordi, Barisal