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eTIN Registration in Bangladesh for Tax Payee

eTIN Registration in Bangladesh for Tax Payee


eTIN Registration in Bangladesh for Tax Payee

About eTIN

For your earnings, tax payee desires a TIN certification in Bangladesh.   This amount is provided by NBR (National Board of Revenue) to someone.

This e-TIN is essential for the bank, Credit Card, commerce and business permit, VAT Registration.  This eTIN must make from NBR site.

Here some online forms are all accessible to your taxpayers for downloading.  NBR official site offers Tax regulation, rules, along with others alarms.

ETIN Registration is a really simple procedure.  Username and password have to make fast.  It’s a number.   To find this amount, the taxpayer must use online to a specific site in Bangladesh.

ETIN Registration at Bangladesh

Here’s a video tutorial to direct taxpayers eager to enroll TIN online.  Just navigate and proceed after the actions displayed in the lesson to acquire a 12 digit TIN certification.  The movie comprises the TIN registration process for all types of citizens of Bangladesh.

It’s 12 digit number.  It had been ten digit number.   It’s begun from 1 July 2013.  TIN holder must submit income tax return each year.

Online eTIN Registration Form

ETIN Registration Type in YOUTUBE

Here would be the principle and measures for internet eTIN registration.

Each year NBR Organize an Occasion means Mela in Dhaka Provides Club.  The event held in each year.  The taxpayer can amass and Submit the tax return and also TIN Registration.