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How to Ride the Green Wave

How to Ride the Green Wave

We have all been there. Maybe it was one too many puffs on the joint, an oversized bong rip, or too many cannabis-infused cookies. In any case, the feeling can be overwhelming and unwanted. If you’re looking for a few tips to help you come down, you have come to the right place. For more cannabis tips and info, check out MarysChronicles.com.

First of all, remain calm. Enjoy it for what it is, and know that there is nothing to worry about. You enjoyed the high enough to get you where you are right now, so just know that you are safe, but perhaps need to sit a while before you can move again.

Another great option is to count the objects around you. Counting objects and being aware of your surroundings serves as a practical sobering mechanism for your brain, as it forces you to think rationally about the environment around you.

One of the most sobering practices you can perform is to nourish your body with water and perhaps a piece of fruit or crunchy mixed nuts. Your body will happily respond to these specific food/beverage choices in the moment of an over the moon high. This should be an easy step to take since you probably have the munchies anyway!

Fresh air is a guaranteed brain booster when on an epic high. If possible, go outside and take deep breaths, and appreciate a few nature-y things as you walk around the block or up the street. Changing your surroundings from something that unsettled you to a new perspective is always key when trying to just sober up.

One of our favorite tips is to hop in a shower or draw a warm bath where you can decompress and let the soothing water quickly sober you up. It is good for the nerves and good for the soul. Don’t be afraid to step away, and make time for yourself when your high is just a little too much at the moment.

Try these helpful tips out next time you are in a situation that you’d rather be sober for. They are quick, efficient techniques to get you on your feet again after that last epic bowl that put yours over the top. Know your limits next time you smoke that Mary Jane and you are sure to have a much more positive experience when using it.