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Start A Business In Bangladesh

Start A Business In Bangladesh

Start A Business In Bangladesh

This guide gives you a graph of the various types of business components in Bangladesh and the qualifications among them. Each of these is obligated to different managerial and cost organizations reflecting their affiliation and proprietorship. You are easily Starting A Business In Bangladesh

In the event that it’s not all that much inconvenience observe that we do prohibit not-revenue-driven substance in this guide.

Start A Business In Bangladesh



A sole proprietorship is the most clear kind of business shape in Bangladesh. From a honest to goodness perspective, sole proprietorship isn’t an autonomously united substance and henceforth the proprietor and the business are one and the same. The proprietor before long claims all favorable circumstances and liabilities of the business. There is no protection of individual assets from business threats and liabilities. As the sole proprietor of a business, you have limitless hazard, inferring that if your business can’t pay each one of its liabilities, the leasers to whom your business owes money can come after your own focal points. Various businessmen are ordinarily oblivious to this massive financial peril. If the business is sued or can’t pay its bills, the proprietor is very charge of the business’ liabilities.

Also bits of knowledge about sole proprietorship can be found at proprietorship coordinate.


Under the Bangladeshi law, an association must involve slightest two and most noteworthy 20 assistants. A comprehension for the affiliation is required for getting a trade allow and opening of a record. The understanding isn’t required to be enrolled with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). The danger of an affiliation is borne by the associates.

Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership does not exist in Bangladesh.

Moreover bits of knowledge about sole proprietorship can be found at association control.


In Bangladesh associations are either – I) compelled by offers; or ii) limited accreditation. Notwithstanding the way that it is really possible to enroll a vast association, those associations are phenomenal.

A compelled chance association is an association confined by shares i.e. its liabilities are limited to the measure of offer capital. A compelled commitment association is a business component enrolled under the Bangladeshi laws and an alternate legitimate substance from its people. In a confined commitment association, the liabilities of the proprietors are obliged to the advantages in the association and their own particular focal points are protected from business liabilities.

A Bangladeshi Limited Liability Company can be – I) a private obliged association; or ii) an open confined association.


A private compelled association is a limited commitment association in which the offers are held by under 50 individuals and are not available to general populace. Most covertly combined associations in Bangladesh are enlisted as private confined associations. The financial specialists of a private confined association can either be individuals or corporate components or both.

A private confined association is the most excellent, versatile, and flexible kind of business participating in Bangladesh. It’s moreover the most supported sort of Bangladesh business substance for bona fide agents (rather than sole proprietorship or obliged chance association). For more separated information about private compelled associations, suggest association selection in Bangladesh coordinate.


Detach Legal Entity: A private compelled association has its own legal identity, disconnect from its speculators and its administrators. It can secure assets, wander into the red, go into contracts, sue or be sued in its own specific name.

Compelled Liability: The danger of the speculators to add to the commitments of the association is limited to the whole that they each assented to contribute as subsidizing to the association.

Unending Succession: The Company’s quality does not depend upon the continued with enlistment of any of its financial specialists. Effortlessness of trade of offers or changes in financial specialists ensures that association continues existing even if there should be an occurrence of death, renunciation, or obligation of speculators or officials.

Straightforwardness of raising capital: You can raise capital for advancement or distinctive purposes by securing new financial specialists or issuing more offers to existing speculators. Money related authorities will presumably purchase shares in an association where there generally speaking is a parcel among individual and business assets. In like manner, most banks need to credit money to limited associations.

Sound Image: As a united business substance, it arranges a predominant picture than a sole proprietorship or an affiliation firm, and monetary masters will be all the more anxious to end up some bit of the association as it demonstrates a fantasy to create and broaden. As a private limited association, your business will be viewed as more essential by your potential clients, suppliers, lenders, and diverse specialists you will oversee.

Less requesting trade of Ownership: Ownership of an association may be traded, either altogether or for the most part, without exasperating errands or the prerequisite for complex honest to goodness documentation. This ought to be conceivable through the offering of all or part of its total offers, or through the issue of new offers to additional monetary authorities.


An open compelled association is a confined commitment association that may offer its offers to general populace. An open obliged association must have no under 7 financial specialists and is at risk to through and through more stringent principles and controls since they can raise holds from general society. For the most part an open compelled association is recorded on a stock exchange.

License and Approval

Below we have compiled a list of licenses/approvals/permits/certificates, which are most frequently required for doing business in Bangladesh. Please note that there are some other licenses/approvals/permits, which are not mentioned here.

Unless you are conducting your business as a proprietorship, you will be required to register a Partnership or Company prior to obtaining these licenses/approvals/permits/certificate.

Name of License  Government Agency
Trade License All City Corporations, Municipalities & Union Parisads
Tax Identification Number (TIN) National Board of Revenue (NBR)
VAT Registration National Board of Revenue (NBR)
Import Registration Certificate (IRC) Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCI&E)
Export Registration Certificate (ERC) Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCI&E)
Ad-hoc IRC/ BIDA Recommendation / BIDA Suparishnama Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)
Indenting Registration Certificate (IRC) Office of the Chief Controller of Imports & Exports (CCI&E)
Quality Certification Mark Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI)
Approval of Factory Plan Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE)
Certificate of Registration of Factories and Establishment Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE)
Bonded Warehouse License Customs Bond Commissionerate (CBC)
Explosives Licenses Department of Explosives
Registration Certificate from Inspector of Boiler Office of the Chief Inspector of Boiler (CIOB)
Environmental Clearance Certificate Department of Environment (DOE)
Fire License Fire Service and Civil Defense (FS&CD)
Acid License Deputy Commissioner (DC) of all Districts
Construction Certificate RAJUK/CDA/KDA
Registration Certificate of Designs Department of Patent, Design and Trade Marks (DPDT)
Registration Certificate of Patent Department of Patent, Design and Trade Marks (DPDT)
Trade Marks Registration Department of Patents, Designs & Trademarks (DPDT)
Copyright Registration Copyright Office
Project Registration with BIDA Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)
Work Permit for Foreign Nationals BIDA and BEPZA
Approval of Foreign Loan Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)


Legal arrangement of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a customary law based purview. A significant number of the essential laws of Bangladesh, for example, punitive code, common and criminal procedural codes, contract law and friends law are impacted by English basic laws. However family laws, for example, laws identifying with marriage, disintegration of marriage and legacy depend on religious contents, and along these lines contrast between religious groups.

The Bangladeshi lawful framework depends on a composed constitution and the laws regularly take statutory structures which are instituted by the assembly and translated by the higher courts. Commonly official specialists and statutory companies can’t make any law, yet can make by-laws to the degree approved by the assembly. Such subordinate enactment is known as guidelines or directions and is likewise enforceable by the court. However being a customary law framework, the statutes are short, and set out fundamental rights and duties yet are explained by the courts in their application and elucidation of those. What’s more, certain traditions and practices set up finished a period are additionally to some degree perceived as worthy and are implemented by the courts.

Since 1971 Bangladesh’s legitimate framework has been refreshed in zones of organization, keeping money, chapter 11 and Money Loan Court laws and other business laws.


The Judiciary of Bangladesh acts through the (I) The Superior Judiciary having Appellate, Revision and Original Jurisdiction and (2) Sub-Ordinate Judiciary having Original Jurisdiction


Bangladesh Supreme Court is the most astounding court of Bangladesh, have two divisions:

Re-appraising Division

High Court Division


Offer to the Appellate Division from the judgment, pronouncements, request and sentences made by the High Court Division are to be recorded specifically for the accompanying reasons-(I) If there is a significant inquiry of law with regards to the elucidation of the constitution and HCD guarantees it; (ii) If the HCD affirms condemned to death or detainment forever; (iii) If HCD rebuffs for hatred of court cases; aside from the previously mentioned cases you need to document a leave to bid and it is the optional energy of the court to acknowledge/give or reject the re-appraising petitions.


The HCD might have re-appraising purview from the lower Courts. HCD can likewise practice the energy of unique purview in specific cases, for example, I) Admiralty matters, ii) Company matters, iii) Writ Jurisdiction.


The accompanying five common courts exist when all is said in done chain of command:

Region Judge Court: It has unique, redrafting, revisional, exchange, survey and reference locale. In the event that suit valuation is more than Tk. 5 crores at that point advance/modification misleads the HCD;

Extra District Judge Court: It has same powers with regards to the District Judge yet can practice his energy just if the District Judge alludes any issue to him;

Joint District Judge Court: It has purview if the suit valuation is from BDT 25,00,001 up-to boundless;

Senior Assistant Judge Court: It has purview if the suit valuation is from BDT 15,00,001 up-to BDT 25,00,000;

Right hand Judge Court: It has locale if the suit valuation is not as much as BDT 15,00,000.00.


Sub-ordinate Criminal courts are sub-separated into two classes:


There are three session courts in area level (i.e. out of the Metropolitan regions);

Area Session Judge Court: Original, redrafting, correction, exchange and reference locale; and can pass any judgment and attempt any cases yet capital punishment must be affirmed by the HCD;

Extra District Session Judge Court: No unique locale; and can attempt cases alluded by the District session judge court;

Joint District Session Judge Court:

can leave sentence behind to ten years detainment.

As needs be in the Metropolitan territories there are three Metropolitan Session courts;

Metropolitan Session Judge Court

Extra Metropolitan Session Judge Court

Joint Metropolitan Session Judge Court:

These Courts have an indistinguishable purview from their partners have in session courts; however their regional locale is restricted just in the metropolitan regions.

Justice COURT:

Justice courts are of two sorts,

(an) Executive Magistrate: Is basically a managerial Magistrate, holds the restricted trial control in Mobile Courts for the most part.

(b) Judicial Magistrate:

There are four sorts of Judicial Magistrate courts in locale level;

Boss Judicial Magistrate Court: The most elevated court of the Magistracy. Can more often than not take insight of any criminal offense and rebuff the wrongdoer up to 5 years detainment and ten thousand taka.

Extra Chief Judicial Magistrate Court: Can practice a case as alluded by the Chief Judicial Magistrate.

Senior Judicial Magistrate Court: It is a first class Magistrate’s court, can normally sentence a discipline of 5 years’ detainment and 10,000 taka fine.

Legal Magistrate Court: It is a second or third class Magistrate’s court. second class Magistrates can incur a discipline of 3 years detainment and BDT 5,000 fine and third class Magistrates can give a discipline of 2 years detainment and BDT 2,000 fine.

In like manner in the Metropolitan zones there are three Metropolitan Magistrate courts;

Boss Metropolitan Magistrate Court

Extra Metropolitan Session Judge Court

Metropolitan Magistrate Court

Every single Metropolitan Magistrate are first class Magistrate.

These Courts have an indistinguishable locale from their partners have in Judicial Magistracy; yet their regional purview is restricted just in the metropolitan territories.

Exceptional COURTS:

Work Courts: Labor Court manages cases emerging from work question.

Managerial Tribunals: Administrative Tribunals practice its energy with respect to benefit debate of open hirelings.

Pay Tax Appellate Tribunals: Income Tax Appellate Tribunals practice its energy with respect to pay impose debate, custom and extract matters. VAT Appellate Tribunals choose debate with respect to custom and extract obligations and VAT.

Cash Loan Courts: Artha Rin Adalats choose cash cases of banks and other budgetary establishments.

Bankruptcy Courts: Insolvency Courts pronounce defaulting borrowers as wiped out.

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