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Indexfications Services Provides

Step 1: Is my site indexed already?
Step 2: Install and set up Google Analytics & Search Console
Step 3: Create a content marketing strategy
Step 4: Start blogging
Step 5: Use internal links on your website
Step 6: Promote social sharing of your content
Step 7: Add a sitemap plugin to get Google to index your site
Step 8: Submit a sitemap to Search Console
Step 9: Create social media channels
Step 10: Use robots.txt
Step 11: Index your site with other search engines
Step 12: Share your content on aggregators
Step 13: Share your website link everywhere
Step 14: Set up an RSS feed
Step 15: Submit your website to directories
Step 16: Check for Google crawl errors frequently

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Why do you need to index your website?

The apparent answer.
If you want your website to turn up in the search results in all, then it requires to be indexed.

However, you don’t desire your site to be indexed just when. You desire the internet search engine to keep re-indexing your website.

Internet search engine like Google do not simply update instantly.

They rely on crawlers– bits of computer code that each internet search engine sends to “creep” the internet (hence, “spider”). You want an effective, regular crawl rate.

The crawler’s work is to seek new things on the web and also update the currently indexed version of your site. That “new things” can be a new page on an existing website, an adjustment to an existing web page, or an entirely brand-new site or blog.

Once the crawler locates a new website or page, it needs to determine what that new website or page has to do with.

Back in the Wild West of the early web, search engine spiders weren’t almost as clever as they are today. You might force a spider to index and rank your web page based on nothing greater than how many times a specific keywords (“search phrase”) showed up on the web page.

For today’s material success, you can’t count on these old school search engine optimization techniques.