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iTunes Gift Card Service in Bangladesh

Buy iTunes Gift Cards and use from anywhere in Bangladesh

**Available iTunes Gift Cards: $10 USD, $25 USD, $50 USD, $100 USD …

**You can use iTunes Gift Cards from anywhere in Bangladesh / World.

**A Special Flate Rate of $1 USD = 100 Taka will be applied for all iTunes Gift Card. (No extra service charge. But you have to be an active member of PaymentBD)

$10 USD iTunes Gift Card = 1,000 Taka
$25 USD iTunes Gift Cards = 2,500 Taka
$50 USD iTunes Gift Card = 5,000 Taka
$100 USD iTunes Gift Cards = 10,000 Taka
$200 USD iTunes Gift Card = 20,000 Taka

**So, just deposit necessary money at our office/bank account / bKash account and then submit a support ticket at our website, we will send you iTunes Card via email (scan copy) or just visit our office physically and recharge your iTunes card instantly. Our office is open every day (including Friday) from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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What is iTunes Gift Cards:
iTunes Gift Cards are easy to give, and you can buy them from Apple and from thousands of other retailers in a range of denominations. And every card works in the App Store for their devices, as well as the iTunes Store and iBooks Store — so your recipients can get exactly what they want.

How to Redeem iTunes Gift Cards:

From your computer, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, just follow the instructions on the back of the card. You can even redeem by taking a photo of the PIN code using the camera on your Mac or iOS device.