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Pre-Rolls | Opportunes by Glo Extracts Product Review

Glo Product Review,

Pre-Rolls | Oportunes by Glo Extracts Product Review


Pre-Rolls | Opportunes

The new pre-rolls, Opportunes, from Glo Extracts have hit the market and they are as hot as ever right now.  Glo Extracts is known well for the quality of their wax as well as their engagement within the cannabis community. And promoting various verification methods for their products.  By creating Opportunes that are loved by many and a great high, Glo Extracts has expanded its product range to bring new customers into the Glo experience.  Glo has done such a great job communicating with their customers about all of their products and the direction that they plan to go in.   




When you talk about Glo Extracts, quality is often a topic that comes to mind.  Glo Extracts is the extremely known quality of their products and the impressions that they give and the brand new packaging was a major hit because of the GloTrack QR code.  This verification method by Glo Extracts involves the customer scanning the QR code and it takes them to the Glo website right on the lab results page where they can see exactly the ingredients that they are putting into their body.

Glo Extracts also has mood boards for all of its products. Which shows you how others have felt after using that respective product.  Prospective customers can use this as a tool for their purchasing decisions.

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Glo Extracts

Glo Extracts has always had quality products to offer. And with their dedication to keeping the cannabis community safe, Glo is the ultimate resource to have.  By having excellent Glo Product Review, customer service, and outstanding resources, going with Glo is a no-brainer when researching a product catalog.    


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