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The list of 5 Most Pet Animal in the world.

Which is the Most Pet Animal in the world? who could possibly can answer this question? nobody, Here the list of 5 Most Pet Animal in the world.


I think dogs are friendly and loving. As they say ” A mans best friend is a dog” I agree. I have the cutest cairn terrier. He is loving and when we take him for walks he always gets complements on how cute he is. He also does not tear up the carpet and make foot prints in the carpet. When has wet feet he knows he has wet he runs into his cage and waits until he has dry feet. So dogs are definitely a great house pet.


How are dogs ranked higher than cats? As much as I love dogs, cats are honestly just better pets. I hate the stereotype that cats are “evil” and that they “despise” you, and that dogs are always “sweet” and “would never hurt you”.

I had an experience where I almost got attacked by a dog, but luckily my dad stopped it and the owner came and got the dog. My mom has been attacked by a dog before, and it was really bad. However, I have never met a mean cat in my life. The worst was my sister’s cat, and she was just scared and sometimes hissed at people. However, when my sister had her baby, the cat nipped my sister, and they had to give her to her grandmother-in-law. That totally came out of fear though, not because the cat was Malicious. The cat is now thriving, from what I’ve heard.


I have a rabbit and she’s SO AWESOME! If you have kids who want a pet, a rabbit is a great choice. Most say they are low maintenance, but this isn’t true. But that doesn’t mean they’re complicated! You simply clean they’re cage everyday, (Should NEVER be a small cage. most recommend free-range or a pen that is at least 4×4) give fresh water, and new food. They can also be potty-trained. I hoped I helped you make the right decision! Some good breeds for families are Lion head, Mini lop, and Flemish giant. Happy rabbit care.


Ferrets are like a combination of a cat and a dog only better! So agile and playful, they can even be trained to come when called or do tricks. Their little ferret dance is always a blast to watch and their curiosity forever getting them into adorable awkward situations. If ever something goes missing, check your ferrets stash, it’s almost certain the little carpet sharks decided it belongs to him now. Need less space than both dogs and cats, and have so much character, love them.


Hamsters are good pets I’ve had one before. I’m thinking about getting one more because there so easy to look after and there cheep. Hamsters are not good for children under 6. I have a friend that breeds them and he says that there very easy to breed so unless you what baby’s keep males and females apart also don’t put two males together because they will fight once my cousins hamster almost died. So I would recommend a hamster as a pet.