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The List Of Top 5 Populer Singer In India.

People of  All Over The World are so much crazy about music, As a result a majority of music listeners mostly use to listen and have so much fun.Singer are most populer among the people in India. Today we are going to reveal The List Of Top 5 Populer Singer In India.

1.Mohammad Rafi

The most versatile singer India has ever produced, sang each song with such distinction, that left the listeners spellbound. The effortless transition across the entire range without any strand of strain, flawless emoting made him the king of playback singing… No doubt his humility, unassuming attitude, soft spoken nature, and reverence for mankind produced such a voice which came direct from heart… It’s true that music is about emotion and not only technicalities, and he was master of both

2.Sonu Nigam

Sonu nigam is the greatest singer ever, well I tell you why -he has the most melodious voice my ear have heard, took a v. Hard challenge by singing songs of Md. Rafi to tribute him and some songs like ‘tum mujhe yu bhula na’and many better than Rafi saab(sorry to rafi and his fans )this is itself a biggest thing, then now a days he sings that sort of songs as if those are made especially for him because songs are v. Hard and made me think if he had not present those songs would have not been so good.

3. Shreya Ghoshal

Sreya Ghoshal is the best among the play back singers. One reason is that she almost won 4 National awards and different state awards and film fare awards within this shortest span of time.

4. Lata Mangeshkar

She is the world’s best singer and she has got many awards in singing and also act in films and her father also a classic singer so I think this comes in lata ji from his father and very less peoples are present in this world and and I salute to lata ji because of them India can feel proud because we have best singer in this whole world.

5. Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar was a multifaced personality… A complete singer, an actor, musician, comic, and a director too… If you look into the records, he has produced a few movies too.Kishore kumar has a very pleasant voice that touches directly to heart within no time as his voice finds her path in the ear.


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