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The Most Populer Folk festivals of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country of several festivals. all the peopole of bangladesh enjoy all the festivals. Among the festivals “Folk festival”  is one of them. Here we given the list Folk festival are in Bangladesh.

1.Pahela Baishakh:-

Pahela Baishakh is the first day of Bengali Calendar. It is celebrated on 14 April as a national holiday in Bangladesh, and on 14 or 15 April in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and part of Assam by people of Bengali heritage, irrespective of their religious faith.

The festival date is set according to the lunisolar Bengali calendar as the first day of its first month Baishakh.It therefore almost always falls on or about 14 April every year on the Gregorian calendar.The same day is observed elsewhere as the traditional solar new year and a harvest festival, and is known by other names such as Vaisakhi in central and north India, Vishu in Kerala and Puthandu in Tamil Nadu.

2. Pahela Falgun:-

Pahela Falgun also known as the first day of Spring of the Bengali month Falgun, is a holiday celebrated in Bangladesh.The celebration was started in 1991 by students of Dhaka University’s Faculty of Fine Arts.The first of Falgun usually falls on 13 February of the Gregorian Calendar.The holiday is also known as Basanta Utsab.

3. Nobanno:-

Nobanno is a Bengali harvest celebration usually celebrated with food and dance and music in Bangladesh and in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura and Assam’s Barak Valley. It is a festival of food; many local preparations of Bengali cuisine like pithe are cooked.

4. Barsha Utsab:-

Barsha Utsab also known an Barsha Mangal Utsab is a day-long Monsoon salutation festival celebrated in Bangladesh. The festival date is set according to the lunisolar Bengali calendar as the first day of its third month Asharh, usually falls on 15 June of the Gregorian Calendar.This day is marked with colourful celebration included singing performances, drama, poetry recitation, screening of cinemas on rain, puppet show, Hilsha Fest and many other programmes. Traditionally women wear sky blue saris to celebrate the first day of Wet season.

5. Nouka Baich:-

Nouka Baich is a traditional dragon boat-style rowing sport of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Rowing Federation, established in 1974, is the authority of all rowing activities in Bangladesh and has organised over 40 National Rowing Championships. The races are held during the wet and autumn seasons of the Bengali calendar which corresponds from June to October in the Gregorian calendar. The “Nowka Bais” which takes place annually in Birmingham is a leading cultural event in the West Midlands, United Kingdom attracting not only the Bangladeshi diaspora but a variety of cultures.It is also the largest kind of boat race in the United Kingdom.

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