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The top 5 most influential radio stations over the world

The radio is still part of our lives, despite what the Internet is doing and how it is changing the way we get information. Everybody loves the radio. No matter if you are only looking to hear some good music, sport events or some specific shows. When radio was introduced to the world, it was able to revolutionize the world. Ever since that moment hundreds of millions of people from all over the world keep on listing to it and there are many radio stations that gained a huge amount of popularity. In this article we are planning to offer you a short review of the top 5 most influential radio stations from all over the world. This way you can know exactly what to listen when you are planning to go for the best radio stations.Here the list of top 5 most influential radio stations over the world

1.BBC Radio 1

The BBC is the radio station that brings the trends in the music industry. They have been around for an impressive amount of year and a good taste in pop music is amazing. It’s available in the UK and you can also listen to it online if you are located anywhere in the world.

2.Z103.5 – Toronto

Probably one of the most popular radio station in Toronto. Canada is all tuned up to listen to some high quality music. There are 100K ++ likes on Facebook to support it.

3.Global Radio

Global Radio is part of a big media group that includes a wide range other radios like Chrysalis Radio or Real and Smooth radio (this used to be known as GMG Radio).

4.Star Radio Top 40 Hits

This radio station is still considered to be a leader when it comes to pop music radio. When you tune into Star Radio Top 40 Hits you get to hear pop music coming from United States, but also from other EU countries.

5.Yahoo! LunchCast Pop

The yahoo’s radio stations might not impress you at first sight, but they are continuously able to provide you with high quality programs and music. You are also given the opportunity to get free access to the radio stations on the internet as you only need an yahoo account and there is also a paid membership that gives you access to a wider range of programs.

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