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Things Before Starting A Vocational Training School

Vocational schools serve a distinct purpose as they provide short-term training and enable one to build competence in service. Vocational training allows the students to deliver professional and subsequently industrial-grade performance and prepares them to enter the workforce in a field in demand in their local community or region.  If you are planning to start a vocational training school, below are the factors that you should consider before starting your own vocational training school.


It is really important to undertake a research before starting a vocational training institute. This is to get you familiarised with the venture you want to start. Learn from other vocational schools why is it started in the first place,  its day to day operation, how a vocational school is run, who is to be taught, how will the school be organized etc.

Business plan

Since establishing a vocational school is inherently complex, a good business plan is one very needful aspect of your planning stage. The business plan should include the courses to be provided, the amount needed to start full operation, information about you and other team members, the qualification of those who will be recruited to teach, analysis about the location and area you would like the school to be situated, amongst other vital information.

Registration & licensing

This is one very important step that will give you permission to start the vocational training school. You cannot just start a vocational school without first duly documenting it and getting all the required licences. The ministry of education will allow you to set the domain and scope of your school. It is vital that the laws are observed when setting up such an establishment and that no law or regulation is breached. If you start unlicensed school, you will definitely be subjected to the law and in some instance, you might be required to pay millions as a penalty.


It is important that you pay thorough attention to this area. Your location will determine the type of students to attract. Situating your school near or in a lively area will allow your students to have easy access and will help you develop an approach and outreach. It will further allow you to call upon the students for workshops, lectures etc. It is also important that the different classes are separated so that there is no interference when lectures are in progress.

Staffing & Equipments

A number of people will be needed to run and operate your vocational school as many tasks will need to be done on a daily basis. Staffing is really important step while setting up a vocational school. Good faculty will be required to teach in the classroom and in each program, while support staff will be needed to recruit students, help the students with the financial aid process, collecting payments, buying supplies and much more.

After you have recruited competent facility for your vocational school, the next step would be that you furnish the classrooms. Buy equipments needed for each program so that the students will have the right tools to learn. You will need to purchase things like; fans, air conditioners, computers, chairs, tables, sewing machines etc.


Advertising and marketing your vocational school is one of most important step. Once you’ve got everything in place at your vocational school, you can advertise and market the training and education you provide. Your medium of marketing and the strategy should be straightforward and should get the message across.

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