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Profitable Small Business Ideas Involving Bicycles

Premium bicycles segment is expected to grab about 7% of the total bicycle market 2021. The data from domestic cycle manufactures show that in 2012-13, around 15.5 million bicycles out of which 12 million bicycles were sold.

For those who want to continue their love for bicycles can choose from these seven unique business ideas revolving around bicycles:

1.Bicycles on Rent:

It is a business which thrives especially in metro cities, where people prefer travelling in public transport but public transport does not connect every home and offices, which is why people prefer renting bicycles to cover the distance between stations to office.

One can cash out from the opportunity by providing bicycles on rent for these office goers.

2.Bicycle Repair:

Machines will break down and need repair if they exist when there is a stratum of people depending largely on a bicycle for transport, they are bound to get wear and tear or least to refill tubes in regular intervals.This is where the bicycle repair shop will come into play.

3.Bicycle Painting:

Creativity has found its place in our lives in every sphere. It is that time when both the artist and art lover co-exist. There are people, especially college students or school students who like to get their bikes painted as per their mood or choice. Then there are people who understand the mood and convert it into art through their paintings or calligraphy writing on the body of bicycle.

4.Bicycle Shops:

Parents generally do not allow their children to ride bikes or drive cars until they reach a certain age but riding a bicycle does not depend on age.

The bicycle shop is the only destination for everyone where people flock in to buy cycles and manufacturing companies to sell through them.

Bicycle Tours:

There are many touristy places, where tourists, as well as the guide, prefer taking them on a bicycle tour. It has become a travel trend aped from the west.

Moreover millennial go on bicycle treks and rides for pocket-friendly travelling and vacationing. Making bicycles available for tourists and travelers too has made its place in one of the most desirable businesses.

Bicycle Parking:

The below working class and laborers depend on bicycles for traveling to their workplace, and for them losing a bicycle is huge, which is why bicycle parking spaces are where they trust for the safety. Bicycle parking service is also a good enough business idea, to begin with.

You can begin by providing service in railway stations, factories, and construction sites.

Customizing Bicycles:

Customizing bicycles is another business idea, which involves creativity to be poured in amounts matching with the needs and desires of people.

Some want to get their bicycle customized as per their child’s safety, some want to satisfy their artistic self and some as décor in cafés, wedding venues or involving cycles as properties in wedding rituals for photography and displaying on websites to garner likes and approaches by customers.

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