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Top Betting Exchange Site

Top Betting Exchange Site


Betting Exchanges, Top Betting Exchange Site

Over the past few years, there has emerged a second type of betting company next to the traditional Bookmakers – namely the Betting Exchanges.

On a Betting Exchange, your experience of having a punt online changes a little bit, as you do not bet directly against the bookmaker as you would in the traditional manner. Instead, on a betting exchange, you cut out the middle man and bet against other sports betting fans like you and me.
Additionally you can play the role of the bookmaker and offer (LAY) betting odds.

Main Advantages of a betting exchange:

  • The profit margin of the bookmaker is not there, so you can find higher odds than at the normal bookie in many circumstances.
    (although you pay a small commission (only) on your winnings).
  • You can ‘sell’ made bets and thus harvest the crop, before the match you had bet on is even started