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Travel Business Software for a Company

Introducing 3rd Generation Travel Business Software for A Company, Do Travel Business – Under your brand value.

I hope this information finds you well to get to know the opportunity of 3rd generation travel business income. Where you can earn more money under your business brand name.

Before starting the business proposal I should introduce our community – ”zooFamily” – Online Travel Community. We working with the Bangladesh aviation and travel industry. With our OTA Software, you can earn from the global B2B travel marketplace.

In the travel business, there are two-part. One is “Travel Inventory” which means travel products, and another is “Travel Technology” which means a web-based application or OTA software. The technology helps to make an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and an OTA system is connected to Airlines API, Travel Agents API, and Hotels API and software’s features.

Where the software is connected with CRM data, accounts data, currency, payment gateway, markup policy, and more user interface. With us, you can develop your travel business not only locally but also global marketplace!

Our community organizers have more than 10 years of work experience with the travel inventory and technology business. With our OTA software, a person could develop his/her business career in the aviation trade and travel industries. Though our organizers are a few IATA travel agents and zooIT – Information Technology Company, but our Online Travel Community, “zooFamily” is a NON-Profitable B2B travel business module. Travel-Agents, Airlines, and Hotels are part of our online travel community. And our community umbrella is a shade of unity, technology, information, and services. Our search engine allows finding the best travel deals from many online travel suppliers, hotels, and Airlines. For Global standard maintain our organizer has taken 2 IATA (International Air Transport Association) membership. And the other hand our organizer zooIT- Information Technology Company is a member of BASIS (Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services). We believe the Travel business is a combination of travel inventory and technology. So “zooFamily” Online Travel Community stands for your online travel business support, where we serve more than “Airlines & Travel Agents”.

We would like to inform you that we are highly interested to work with your company. Our Search engine software is an automated system, where you can markup the commission and discount as per business agreement. We offer you a business proposal that you may start your business with the two modules, here is the module:

Module 1 (Automated software with rebranding): Setup an OTA software on your domain or subdomain: like – www.flight.example.com , if you are already a known brand then it’s an easy process to join with our travel community. Our travel community will assist you to make your travel business with our OTA software. We have all resources to bring the wings of your business with the travel category. Because we know to run  ” Travel category business” requires an expert and efficient sales and support team. So we will provide the service and support, and per sales, we will keep 50 BDT to 200BDT service charge. It means you can operate a travel business “wing” under your business brand name. And our software will help you to earn more under your business subdomain. And we will provide the service as your business partner. The business will be operated as per the business agreement jointly. Here is the process and demo: www.demo.zoo.family :

  • Step 1: Setup Our Corporate OTA software on your domain or subdomain. Software setup price 55000 BDT.
  • Step 2: Maintain your admin panel: Like client management, mark up price, rebranding.
  • Step 3: Promotion and earn with your business domain or subdomain.


Module 2 (Registration with us as B2B travel partner): As an Online Travel community “zooFamily” will provide a promotional offer: a 7% Discount for All Airlines Tickets. Your company clients and users can enjoy our offer under the priority of our corporate B2B clients. With this module, travel agents can sell air tickets without investments. Simply follow the process:

  • Step 1:  Registration your company on our B2B travel portal www.b2b.zoo.family, Enjoy our exclusive B2B price for your users.
  • Step 2: Upload Balance and buy your travel desire items, like Air tickets, hotels, tours, etc.
  • Step 3: After purchase or booking if you face any problem then contact our B2B manager, We provide 24/7 support for our B2B clients.

We hope this is a great opportunity to start a business and earn your brand value. Our software is designed for a corporate brand, where the brand getting the opportunity to earn more with us! Modules 1 require 55000BDT to set up the travel software under your business domain or sub-domains. Module 2 does not require any balance or money.

If you do not understand anything then you contact this number: +8801768232311 or +8801977569292 (WhatsApp available). We will assist you to connect with our proper team. We expect our offer will be highly effective for Banks, Financial companies, Hotels, E-commerce websites, etc.