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Entertainment subscriptions For Hotels TV or Rooms

On average, occupied hotel rooms order paid video on demand and those transactions are for entertainment. Few hotels provide entertainment subscriptions in their room. Those hotels are concern about guest facilities and entertainment subscriptions for their clients. We will provide your hotel rooms entertainment subscriptions, by our entertainment subscriptions make your TV or rooms more entertaining, call or WhatsApp for details: +8801978569297

Top 5 hotels entertainment subscriptions

1. Netflix

Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and more on thousands of quality content. Hotels provide Netflix with the room to make satisfied their clients.

2. SonyLiv

SonyLIV – Top premium streaming platform where you can watch popular Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Web Series. Enjoy your favourite Live TV Channels online from any hotel.

3. IP TV (Online TV Subscriptions)

Nowadays IP TV or Online TV Subscriptions is very famous for any hotel and home. People choose IP TV because you can fin many Chanel with sharpness and cheaper. Ip TV brings streaming and on-demand television video to your device.

4. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video hosts lots of prestige content for streaming and also supports impressive technical capabilities such as 4K HDR streaming online and offline

5. HoiChoi

Hoichoi is an on-demand video streaming platform for Bengalis all over the World. With a library of over 500 Bengali Movies and TV series.

Digital Entertainment Subscriptions For Hotels:

We manage your hotel entertainment subscriptions. And you can promote your hotel that your hotel has all types of digital entertainment. For that entertainment, you can boost your sales also.

For guests “In-room entertainment” really matters:

Guests expect the in-room experience to be as good, or better, than at home. Specific features that guests define as providing a better-than-residential experience include picture clarity, more channels and premium content better than what they have at home. Hoteliers and guests do not stucks on money for entertainment. So why a hotel will not make money and guest will not enjoy the entertainment! Think smartly and we will give you an exclusive business with zooIT information technology.

Entertainment subscriptions For Hotels TV (Tips For Hotels):

If the hotel is concern about the service and facilities then the hotel should not think about money. A hotel can charge even their clients for this service, Example: At UK many hotel charges for Netflix and IP TV per day basis. Like, 1 pound for a day, so at Bangladesh, you may charge 20BDT  per day or per check-in 50 or 100 BDT. Which depends on the hotel business policy. A hotel may charge their client or add it to the room price. But when a client chooses a 4 star or 5-star hotel, then that small amount really does not matter.

So our recommendation for a hotel, you must concern about clients facilities. And a hotel should be concern about digital entertainment subscriptions as well. So for your entertainment subscriptions order –

Call or Whatsapp to order your hotels: +8801978569297