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Yoast Local SEO for WordPress Plugin

We love working with local businesses here at Top Drawer. Online marketing can be very rewarding for local companies and we’re always interested in new tools for the job.

We’re massive fans of Yoast and have been victimization their flagship SEO for WordPress Plugin for a decent whereas currently, both on client sites and our own site, to make

quick work of customizing meta tags, generating sitemaps, and so on.

It’s awesome, and it’s free. Also, you gotta love their adorable cartoon mascots.

We were terribly excited to listen to concerning the discharge of their new add-on to the present plugin, Local SEO for WordPress.

Yoast Local SEO for WordPress Plugin

So we grabbed our copy right away and wanted to share our thoughts about it.
What it does

Simple. It marks up your contact page the method knowledgeable SEO would, and the way search engines want to read it.

The features include:
• KML File and Geo Sitemap generation
• Address output in format
• Showing opening hours (with output)
• Showing Google maps, including a route planner
• Support for multiple locations
• CSV upload for multiple locations
Putting it to use

It’s a breeze to implement, and there’s very little setup required.

Install the plugin, activate your license, input your business’ information, and pop the shortcode into your contact page(s).

It will do all the markup for you, create a geo sitemap and KML file (especially useful with multiple locations), and even submit them to Google.
It just used our site’s existing styles, so it looked nice and shiny in action. You can see it here. The route planner is also pretty slick.
A couple of tiny niggles
I had one small issue during setup, which was that the license key wasn’t working. A quick look at their support forum was all I needed though, and I was up and running in minutes.

We additionally detected that the link from our name within the embedded map was linking to a funny URL.

Very minor issue, but I got a reply within 24 hrs. from Joost himself saying that they noticed the issue too and would be pushing out an update to fix it immediately.

The only alternative factor I wasn’t positive concerning was the absence of Associate in the Nursing email field. Mr.

de Valk left a comment on this post and has told me he will be adding this feature in the next release!
Cost and value

This one’s not free – but it is very reasonably priced:

Contract Us To Buy

                                                                               email: [email protected]

For us, a couple of hundred dollars for unlimited use on a plugin that saves us time is a no-brainer.

I think for private use on one website, 70 bucks is easily justified too.

Paying anyone to try to all the right markup and implementation that this factor will value far more than that.


The skilled value purpose is sensible for them to supply, but it seems like if you were going to use it on multiple sites you’d just go for the agency

license and not have to worry about limitations.

No brain-melting options, however, tired all, an awfully handy plugin that will specify what it guarantees with none bulk.

Highly recommended for anyone with local business, or web designers/SEOs with local clients.