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10 simple tricks to boost up your CTR in 2020

10 simple tricks to boost up your CTR in 2020

CTR or click-through rate is a major factor of quality SEO. The higher your organic CTR is, the better. Here is 10 simple tricks to boost up your CTR in 2020. Keep reading to give a boost to your SEO.

  1. Your very first move is to find out the lowest CTR content of yours. You can easily do it by downloading search analytics data from google search console. Then you have to plot an exponential average graph with organic search CTR vs. organic ranking. Focus on the pages or keywords that fell below 30%. Note that, don’t do anything with the keywords or pages above 30%.
    With this procedure, you can identify your less CTR contents and then if you can convert or update them to top 10% of your most valuable keywords or pages, this can increase clicks by 6x! Which is a big achievement.
  2. Once it matters that to have keyword-centric titles. But this concept is valueless in 2019. Because keyword-heavy titles discourage CTRs. So, to get to success, one must avoid the use of excessive keywords in titles.
  3. Here, between below two titles, which one you will click?
    1. Last stage breast cancer screening: 5 things to know.
    2. With late diagnosis of breast cancer, survival rates fall at 22%! Get screened now!

The first title is good enough but not representing any emotions. On the other hand, the second title is emotional. It raises fears when a reader sees it and this makes the person to immediately click on the title. So, it is easily understandable that emotional titles make peoples click on links like crazy and this drives an incredible increase in CTR.

  1. Relatable headlines are always important.to easily understand, always follow this rule – write your headlines from 4 selective perspective that is most related with your content and the perspectives are, hero/villain, the bad news bearer, comedian, a friend with good manner.
  2. Use numbers in titles when it is possible and try to do so in every post. Research says that titles with numbers get almost 36% more CTRs than others!
  3. Use this proven headline structure.
The Format Emotional Hook Content Type Your Subject
·         List ·         Amazing ·         Image ·         Love
·         Quiz ·         Insane ·         Quotes ·         Cats
·         Infographic ·         Powerful ·         Pictures ·         Fitness
·         Facts ·         Shocking ·         Facts ·         Health
·         Strategies ·         Unreal ·         Strategies ·         Marketing


  1. Power words are like unsung heroes. Their presence in description tags makes visitors click more. Words like secret, premium, huge, proven, instant, amazing, etc. are power words with the capability to drive more traffic. Here is an example – Instantly drive more traffic to your website with these 10 simple tricks.
  2. A study of Microsoft found that descriptive URL attracts more visitor rather than generic URLs.

Generic URL – http://example.com/catagory=sitespeed/id=200

Descriptive URL- http://example.com/improve-site-speed

Between these two URLs, the second one is more attractive to users and this will drive more traffic easily.

  1. Use a different headline structure. Use emotional hooks and personas in headlines and get more attention.

Like, don’t just write how to write a book FAST or How to Write a Book…Fast or like these. These are actually   same headlines with different punctuations and capitalization. Instead of these, write secrets of writing a good  book fast. Or the unusual book writing technique will make your writing faster.

  1. The attractive posts on social media that people usually love and click are also attractive for organic search results. So, try to test your headlines with Facebook posts and judge the engagements. The more engagement, the better can be the headline for organic search results.


If you can successfully follow this 10 simple tricks to boost up your CTR in 2020, you will find success.

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