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12 Effective Tactics for Boosting a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Real estate is a highly competitive domain, which makes it crucial for marketers to stay on top of the latest trends and tactics if they want to make their mark.

There is a dire need for fresh marketing ideas that guarantee high success rates and help real estate marketers in staying ahead of the curve.

If you are looking for effective real estate marketing tactics, this post might be right up your alley. This highly competitive domain demands that marketers leverage every trick up their sleeve if they want to achieve success.

Moving forward, we will be looking at the top 12 effective tactics that will definitely boost any real estate marketing strategy.

12 Effective Real Estate Marketing Tricks

Statistics suggest that today, more than 80% of home buyers look for a new home using online means at their disposal.

This demands that incumbents in the domain evaluate their approach and build a robust marketing strategy that not only caters to the modern consumer but also builds a credible online presence for them.

Here are 12 highly effective real estate marketing tips that can provide a boost to any real estate marketing strategy.

1. Leverage video marketing

Videos are taking over the social media feeds of users. If you are a real estate marketer who is still mulling over the idea of including videos in your marketing strategy, you should start now.

With tools like InVideo taking up the mantle of video creation, the process isn’t complicated like it used to be.

Due to the highly engaging nature of videos, they are highly favored by the modern audience and immensely helpful in brand building.

Their ability to drive organic traffic to your website, too, is unparalleled, which makes not integrating videos in your marketing strategy a no brainer!

2. Deploy the power of social media channels

Real estate is a cash-intensive enterprise that requires a certain level of trust from people who choose to put their money on the line.

Social media not only enhances your brand’s visibility but also enhances its customer appeal.

If people can find more information about you on their favorite platforms, they are more likely to invest their hard-earned cash through your venture.

You can leverage social media channels to publish information in real-time and stay in touch with your audience.

Stories have emerged as the latest means to communicate with your audience, and platforms like InVideo.io can help you create attractive videos that you can put as stories to communicate effectively with your audience.

3. Maintain the personal touch

In the wave of digital platforms taking over the marketing world, you must maintain a personal touch with your customers. It goes a long way in building a robust brand image and deeper customer relationship.

You need to be on a constant lookout for ways to add a personal touch with every opportunity available.

Customers in the real estate domain will always choose you over your competitors if you meet them face to face as it enables them to trust you easily.

4. Be creative in your approach

You need to deploy creative ways for client outreach. Just making social media accounts and posting regularly is something that even your competitors are doing.

You need to be on a constant lookout for unconventional ways to garner the attention of your audience.

Your unique approach needs to be portrayed in your social media campaigns and smart ways to engage with your prospective clients.

Even posting a Friday meme from your social media channels counts as unconventional and never before seen in the real estate industry. Learn this here now.

5. Keep track of your customers communication

You need to stay abreast of the latest evolutions in the social media domain.

Facebook and Instagram are the major social networks, but emerging platforms such as TikTok and Snapchat, too, can prove to be very valuable for brand building.

If you stay updated regarding the latest trends prevailing in the customer communication domain, you will always stay on top of the communications that your prospects are having, and your chances of staying in the note become significantly higher.

6. Provide virtual property tours

Virtual tours are very effective in saving yours as well as your customer’s time.

When you post virtual tours of the properties you offer, customers can surf through your listings in a highly audiovisual manner effortlessly.

When you post a property video going room to room, your customers can easily get a glimpse of the offering right from their living room. This saves them the effort of venturing out as well as a significant amount of time.

7. Develop a real estate centric website

Statistics suggest that nearly 83% of people who look for homes online prefer looking at listings that have images.

You can easily create a real estate friendly website that has support for high-quality images using platforms such as WordPress.

You need to ensure that your website is easily navigable and users can find everything easily. Include high-quality images, text, and advanced web elements that make your site stand out and showcase your offerings precisely.

8. Optimize the website for mobile users

Studies have shown that around 52% of home buyers use mobile phones for performing their home search. This creates an urgent need for real estate marketers to ensure that their website is mobile-friendly.

A poor mobile experience can deter users away from your website and these lost customers are sure to land in the lap of your competitors.

A highly optimized site provides a better experience for the end-user and is a significant conversion driving factor.

9. Build a brand image

Real estate marketers need to emphasize brand and authority building. It is the single most important metric considered by prospective customers when they are choosing a brand to invest their hard-earned money.

You need to clearly lay out your USPs, which help you stand out from the rest of the competition.

Your website can prove to be very effective in making this happen and you can leverage this space to provide crucial business details to your prospective customers.

10. Build an SEO optimized website

A website that ranks on the #1 spot on Google has around 200% more CTR than the next link. This makes it crucial that your website is SEO optimized to rank high on search results.

Tools such as Ubersuggest can help you find high traffic keywords to integrate into your website.

When your website ranks high on Google search, you can easily garner more clicks and higher visibility for your business. This can prove to be very helpful in garnering conversions for your real estate business.

11. Leverage Google My Business

If your real estate business has an office front, you must claim it through a My Business profile.

It takes minimal effort to set up a GMB page and the returns are immense. It not only enhances your SEO rankings but also adds credibility to your venture.

Once you have a My Business listing, your business will start appearing on Google Maps listings.

You can even ask previous happy clients to review your business on your GMB page, which can add a whole another level of credibility.

12. Deploy Email marketing techniques

Email marketing is far from dead and you can perfectly leverage it for your marketing requirements.

It is one of the most proven methods for keeping your clients in the loop and keeping them abreast of the latest trends surrounding the real estate industry.

You can collect email addresses through your website and send a weekly or monthly newsletter that contains a glimpse of the latest news surrounding your business or the real estate industry.

Moreover, emails are highly preferred as far as conversion channels are concerned.


Remember, there is no single ‘right’ way to build a real estate marketing strategy. What may work for a venture may not work for the other.

But, if the above-mentioned tips are deployed correctly, you will witness a growth in your business visibility, and drive conversions for your real estate venture.