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Five Things That Smart People To Get Wrong About Sunscreen

Is the bright sunny day calling you out? And you are all set to go! But wait, did you start doubting whether you had put on enough sunscreen? This is a common problem that we all face, even the smartest ones! Whenever it comes to using sunscreen, we all think yourselves smart enough and use it the way we like. But you will be shocked to know that there are five things that even intelligent people are wrong about when it comes to using sunscreen. FYI you can visit clearchemist.co.uk to get yourself a sunscreen and don’t forget to use the valid Clear Chemist Discount Code to get exciting offers.

  •         Apply it once – most of us, nearly 8 out of every ten people, dabs on some sunscreen and go out for the entire day! They think, which is a common misconception, that applying sunscreen once will save you from the sun and UV rays all day long. Many of us might not know that UV rays are present even after sundown! Shocking, isn’t it because, till now, you all believed that once you apply sunscreen before stepping out, you are all good to go!
  •         More SPF more bucks–now this may be true in many cases, but that is not always true! Many people compromise on the SPF level just because they don’t want to spend 100 bucks extra on sunscreen. But if you do some online digging, you will find that sunscreens with higher SPF also come at a reasonable price. Do not compromise in the SPF, as you might save some money but end up damaging your skin. You can try looking at loveyourhealth.com.au/and buy the best SPF sunscreen at a reasonable price once you have used valid Love Your Health Australia Coupon Code.
  •         A little drop – you might have heard that ‘a little drop can do wonders at times.’ But sorry to disappoint you, that’s not the case always, especially not with sunscreens. A little drop here and there won’t do the work. A tiny amount is as right as not using any amount of sunscreen. So if you want to use sunscreen, you need the proper amount before your skin gets damaged beyond repair!
  •         On the Face – this is a common misconception that we all have! Applying sunscreen on the face only because we all are concerned about not getting dark! We forget that the other exposed parts of the body, like your arms and skin, also need protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. When you are applying sunscreen, keep in mind that you use all the exposed parts of your body and not just the face. Because not only will it save you from getting tanned, it will also protect your skin from getting damaged!
  •         It’s forever– this is a Myth; that once you have applied sunscreen, you are all safe to go out and beat the UV rays! Yes, you are safe to go only when you carry the sunscreen with you whenever you step out of the house and keep in mind to apply it at regular intervals! Sunscreen can’t stay for more than just a few hours as they get washed by the sweat. So if you want to save your skin from getting damaged or dull or tanned or fair lines or spots, always carry sunscreen with you! You can buy any sunscreen that suits you from the best deals that you can get online. So go ahead and try out the next time