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a list of notable MultiMedia Companies of Bangladesh.

Multimedia companies Of Bangladesh provides many services, including text authoring, photography, graphic design, and video and audio services.Starting a multimedia company involves selecting an industry to serve, researching the market and competition, establishing offerings, writing a budget and creating a financial plan.Here We Show The List Of Multimedia Companies of Bangladesh.

1.The Abhi Kathachitra:-

The Abhi Kathachitra is a Bangladeshi motion pictures production and distribution company, based in Dhaka. The company was found by Kamal Hasan in 2013. The Abhi Kathachitra co-produce, and distributes Bangladeshi films in multiple formats, including theatrical, television, andc digital platforms.

2.Destiny Group

Destiny started out as a Multilevel marketing company. It grew to own a newspaper and television channel. It advertised heavily and was one of the major sponsors of Bangladesh’s 40th independence celebration. It sold 50 million trees in its plantation business that did not exist, with investors being shown pictures of trees in Sundarban forest.The trees were sold to 1.7 million investors but according to anti corruption commission only 5.3 percent of those trees exist. In 2014, Destiny distributors were trying to get a new license for their multilevel marketing activities.

3.Fatman Films:-

Fatman Films is a music company and film production company of Bangladesh. The company was established in 2011 by musician Adit Ozbert. The company specializes in music production, film production and distribution. Along with producing films, Fatman Films have also produced some noteworthy music albums including Ontohin, Fatmaz Inc, Porshi III and several other popular albums.

4.Jaaz Multimedia:-

Jaaz Multimedia is a film production and distribution house in Bangladesh. Jaaz Multimedia released their first film, Bhalobasar Rong starring Bappy and Mahiya Mahi, in 2012. In 2013, Jaaz Multimedia released four films: Onnorokom Bhalobasha, PoraMon, Bhalobasha Aaj Kal and Tobuo Bhalobashi. aaz Multimedia released seven films in 2014

5.Monsoon Films:-

is a Bangladeshi entertainment company established by Ananta Jalil, a Bangladeshi film actor, director and producer. His wife Afiea Nusrat Barsha is managing director of Monsoon Films.

6.Ping Pong Entertainment:-

Ping Pong Entertainment established in 2014, is a Bangladesh-based film production and distribution company.[1] The company specializes in film and television productions. Shukla Banik is the current chairman of the company.

7.Tiger Media Limited:-

established in 2014 is a Bangladesh-based movie production and distribution company. It specializes in film production, and distribution. It has emerged as one of the leading production companies within a year by producing some of the biggest Bangladeshi Films of 2014. Tiger Media Limited also owns Dhallywood24; A news division based on Bangladeshi Cinema.

8.Pixx Cineplex:-

Pixx Cineplex is a cinema chain in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 2014, and expected to launch in 2017. The company plans to operate 400 multiplexes across the country. As of February 2017. construction of 30 cinemas is underway. The cinema chain will follow same business format as AMC Cinemas. Launch of Pixx Cineplex will bring a robust growth to Bangladesh Cinema, as the country currently operates only 310 cinemas.


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