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Banishing study overload for Child in Bangladesh

Banishing study overload for Child in Bangladesh.Stress is an all prevailing issue now, gripping every single age group. Not even the school-going youngsters are free from it. It is simply unfathomable how a child out of pre-school needs to learn not only difficult spellings in two languages, but also the times tables, with a grasp on the basics of world history.

To cope with the immense pressure of school work, children are forced to spend more time just to simply complete the assigned homework.Yet, it is essential to balance out academic performance with outdoor activities for the mental and physical wellbeing of children. They should be encouraged to take time-outs from their studies.

Outdoor activities should be a must during weekends and holidays. Even a short walk around the neighbourhood in the afternoon with a parent or guardian can be helpful.

Just dropping off a child to a sports institute is not the answer to destressing. Children should also have a different outlet than their typical activities, and taking care of plants or clearing out their own room can be some of them.

To explore and understand their own potential, school-going children also need some form of creative output. However, to nurture creativity, parents who are pressed for time, just end up putting their children in name-brand extracurricular activity centres. Instead of the typical activities that have a stiff learning process, with emphasis on competition, parents should opt for instructors and institutes that encourage free flowing expressions. There is also the case of parents buying expensive toys, play sets and accessories with expectations of an overnight change.

Instead, the objective should be to create a habit of having fun with what’s at hand after study hours. As most children go for some type of coaching after school, the time at home has to be properly utilised. Watching videos, playing games on a gadget are the easiest things to do, but these should not be encouraged.

One simple activity a child can do is to make their own schedule and to-do lists to get through their day. Understanding time and its usage is an important lesson. This habit can cut down on procrastinating that causes stress and overload later on.

Before everything, parents and caregivers must remember there is no pre-assembled way to accelerate the learning process. What backfired for the eldest child in the family may just work for the youngest one. Simply put, having fun without a care is the best way to unload after a hard day of school for a child.

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