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Club Taaga promotes sustainable celebrations

CLUB TAAGA, a sub-brand of Aarong, and popular for being as responsible as its mother brand, promotes all things local, including ‘deshi’ fabrics and craftsmanship. With their latest social campaign of banning plastics from any sort of festivity, it has freshly imprinted on our minds the true agenda behind the fashion brand — care and compassion.

And that is perhaps the gist of the story behind ‘Club TAAGA BBQ Night,’ an event organised by Club TAAGA, on 8 December, welcoming winter in Bangladesh with an eventful celebration that highlighted both fashion and an imperative social cause — Saying No to Plastic.

As the slogan suggests, the entire event, a membership privilege of Club TAAGA affiliates, negated the use of pollution causing plastic by suggesting alternatives such as glass, ceramics, and reusable cloth napkins, all available at Aarong.

Even a few years ago, the mere thought was unimaginable. With hordes of one-time plastic glasses, plates and cutleries flooding the market, plastic was the go-to material for every occasion. Now that we have realised the harmful effects, it is about time we acted responsibly as citizens of the world and refrained from using the material.

With its Celebrate Sustainably campaign — TAAGA, is going back to the roots and stressing similar facts, helping us realise that an alternative is always present. It is only imperative that we realise it in time.

The main idea behind the BBQ event was to focus on the underlying thought that every occasion can, and should, highlight a social cause. In winter, when barbecue events are at large and people are feeling fashionable, Club TAAGA reminds us that we should not forget Mother Nature, even whilst luxuriating in style.

Club TAAGA believes that this plastic free BBQ event was just an icing over the cake, hoping to encourage fellow patrons follow in similar footsteps. Based on their suggestions, there’s so many other ways to make a party more environment friendly, such as using solar powered lights, using the leftover food to feed the hungry, skipping the use of balloons or any sort of paper invitations, etc.

Today, fashion encompasses empathy, a sense of nurturing, and a well-built dedication to social causes, while also being able to self-express in the same time-continuum. No longer is it solely about selfish characterisation of an individual, but more about being meaningful in a larger context and being inclusive. And Club TAAGA proves to be all that and more with an abundance of young, trendy, à la mode wardrobe for every season — a collection that is quite sensational alongside to being sensible and responsible.