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Dhaka University

Dhaka University

Dhaka University

Dhaka UniversityOn the first day of July 1921 the University of Dhaka set up by Nawab Bahadur Syed Nawab Ali Chowdhury. The University opened its way to understudy with Sir P.J Hartog as the first Vice Chancellor of the University. The University built up as the beautiful picturesque of the capital of Bangladesh.

The University began its exercises with 3 Faculties, 12 Departments, 60 educators, 877 understudies and 3 quarters (Halls of Residence) for the understudies. At display the University comprises of 13 Faculties, 77 Departments, 11 Institutes, 20 private lobbies, 3 inns and in excess of 51 Research Centers. The quantity of understudies and instructors has ascended to around 37,064 and 1,885 individually.

At present the University has 13 faculties, 71 departments, 17 dormitories, 3 hostels, 10 institutes and about 38 centers with 1805 professors and 33112 students approximately. The world ranking of Dhaka University is 3595.

The principle reason for the University was to make new territories of learning and spread this information to the general public through its understudies. Since its beginning the University has an unmistakable character of having recognized researchers as resources who have advanced the worldwide pool of information by making outstanding commitments in the fields of educating and research.

The elevated requirement of training and research for the University was set by its first Vice-Chancellor, Sir P.J. Hartog when in the second Convocation address he stated, “A man may be an excellent teacher of elementary subjects without the power to add to knowledge. But in advanced work I maintain that no one can really teach well unless he has the combination of imagination with critical power which leads to the original production (of knowledge), and for that if for no other reason, a university to be a true university must see that its teachers are men who are also capable of advancing knowledge.”

Information of Dhaka University:

Research Bureaus and Centres:56
Residential Halls:20
PhDs Researchers:1201
MPhils Researchers:1956
Class-III Employees:1137
Class-IV Employees:2250
Trust Funds:327
Land Area:275.083 acres
Constituent Colleges and Institutes:105
Students in Constituent Colleges:45374
Teachers in Constituent Colleges:7981


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