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Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Under the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council, there are 29 government state fund medical colleges, 54 Private medical Colleges in Bangladesh. On the other hand there are 09 public and 18 private dental colleges in our country

The medical colleges are under the ward of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and are subsidiary with a University on the individual district.

In Bangladesh, all the medical colleges award the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

At present, Each and Every Medical school has their approved site for their own particular drive and gives information to affirmation, archives and plan.

The general population Medical Colleges of Bangladesh offer graduate, postgraduate, degree and recognition training examination for MBBS, MD and other medicinal courses.

After the HSC and A level examination in Bangladesh, most of the students have highly expected to get admission in different Medical colleges. The admission procedure published their official website.

The admission test is held under the BMDC after the published of HSC and A level result. The admission test result published on Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, BMDC and medical Colleges official Website.

Medical Colleges in Bangladesh

Public Medical Colleges

There are 29 government state fund medical college in our country. The public Medical colleges located at different districts in our Country. In Dhaka City there are three largest medical college situated in.

Private Medical Colleges

After the liberation war of Bangladesh, the Establishment of Private medical College was started over after 1980. The first and oldest private medical college is Dhaka National Medical College.

Military Medical Colleges

Apart from public and Private Medical College, there are six Military Medical College in Bangladesh which are run by the Bangladesh Armed Forces and are under the Ministry of Defence.

Dental Medical Colleges

Dental Colleges are associated with Medical personnel of various government financed state funded college. These Dental College direct a graduate course known as Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).

Admission Procedure

Government of Bangladesh sets the rules and procedures of admission of students to all public and private medical colleges. The admission started after passing HSC and A level examination. For foreign students, Government of Bangladesh also set some rules and procedure.


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