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Emergency Mymensingh Hospital numbers

An ordinary person should know something very important contract numbers. Emergency Mymensingh Hospital numbers are among them. Emergency Mymensingh Hospital numbers helps people in danger. That’s why we provided the Hospital numbers to peoples emergency needs. Anyone from our list can find the most important Emergency Hospital numbers. Which will meet the need for Hospitals at its urgent moment.

Emergency Mymensingh Hospital numbers Are Given Below:-

• United Model Clinic



  • Ideal Clinic

Bagmara, Mymensingh


  • Safeway Hospital

Charpara, Mymensingh

  • Al-Baraka Hospital

Charpara, Mymensingh


  • Jahangir Health Complex

Brammopolli, Mymensingh


• Mymensingh Medical College Hospital



  • Emergency of Mymensingh Medical College Hospital (MMCH)



  • Emergency of Community Based Medical College Hospital (CBMCH)

53594 Ext- 212


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