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6 essential hair care routines for bride hairstyle

The hair unmistakably is the crowning glory of any bride, after all a perfect hairstyle is what will bring your whole wedding look together.

The wedding season is just around the corner, and for those getting hitched this year, the wedding preparations must surely be going on in full swing. With the venue, invitations, wedding dress, décor and so many other essentials being finalized, ensuring not a detail is left unnoticed. However, in addition to your wedding checklist, you have another set of to-dos before your big day! After all, your beauty regime needs to start way in advance.

The hair unmistakably is the crowning glory of any bride, after all a perfect hairstyle is what will bring your whole wedding look together.

You must already be hunting and curating pictures on the internet for that perfect shiny and lustrous bridal hair look but to achieving one like them can be a nightmare if your hair is not prepared for it!

Here’s a pre-wedding hair care guide prepared Agnes Chen, Technical Head from Streax Professional, to give your hair a new spark and shine much needed for a glowing bride.

Get a haircut done:

Cutting your hair in layers or just trimming your hair will take away the split ends and make your hair look healthy and perfect in shape. Hair cut will create texture and volume to your tresses which is a must for brides. It is advisable to trim your hair time-to-time for a healthy, thick and strong hair.

Proper range of hair care products on a routine basis:

It’s important to wash, condition and make sure to keep your scalp clean to avoid hair fall. The right, shampoo, masque and serum can do wonders for your tresses. And to all the brides, achieving your desired hair, you must start taking care of those locks much ahead of time. Follow a monthly regimen of the hot oil therapy,followed by washing off with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Lock in the moisture by putting on some hair serum.

Regular hair spa treatments:

Regular hair spas are a must; to maintain shiny; healthy and gorgeous hair. For every bride-to-be, regular hair spa should be taken at least twice a month, 2-3 months before the wedding. More sittings are advisable if the hair is in very bad condition. As there are different types of creams and products for your skin likewise there are different types of spa treatments according to your hair like dry and frizzy hair, limp and lifeless hair, very curly and unmanageable hair, etc. Brides should also know their hair completely before opting for any hair spa treatment. So, pamper your hair with a relaxing hair spa to add that extra glossiness to your hair.

Add colours to your hair to complement with your traditional bridal look:

Colouring your hair not only will give you a new style but also enhance your bridal look. Hair shades like red or gold should be a must. As it adds extra glamour, fashion and charm when styled with your bridal wear. Also, consult your stylist to give you the best possible twists and twirl to your hair colour.

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